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Patent: 7,396,441 - 7,670,495 - 6,689,262 - 8,157,972

The patented Dissolved Oxygen Generator technology used in these experiments generates extremely high levels of dissolved oxygen in water for drip irrigation. This Science will be helpful with farms with low dissolved oxygen in well water.

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The ability to increase the oxygen level in water via electrolysis is not new. Typically, electrolytic hydrolysis requires that large amounts of electrical current be passed between a cathode and anode positioned in the water solution. This current creates positive and negative electrochemical charges that pull the water molecule apart into its component parts, hydrogen and oxygen gas. Being a very small, light molecule, hydrogen quickly leaves solution and can be collected or allowed to dissipate into the atmosphere. Oxygen is heavier and will stay in solution contributing to the dissolved oxygen content of the fluid, or will dissipate across the air-water interface. While research on this technology has progressed for many years, we are the first to discover a means to apply electrolytic hydrolysis technology efficiently and economically using a low voltage process.


To date, the available technology has been inefficient, expensive, and slow. By contrast, our technology is unique and highly efficient. Proprietary materials are used to produce an anode and cathode that are placed a precise distance apart in a cell. A very low voltage electrical charge is then passed across the anode and cathode. The combination of specific materials, precise placement, and low current promotes the electrolytic process. Extremely low energy expenditure is required and the physical dimensions of the cell can be increased or decreased to accommodate greater or lesser volumes of water to be oxygenated, or to produce more or less oxygen in a given volume of water. The process is equally effective in static conditions, or in dynamic, "flow through" situations where continuous flow of oxygenated water is desirable.